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The Galician Health Service will open a call for biotechnology projects in 2017 under CÓDIGO100 Innovation Plan, which will make available about EUR 5 million for the projects from various sources. The search will look for outstanding innovative therapies, diagnostic technologies and medical devices in order to advance more personalized treatments and solve our health challenges. The companies will not receive direct funding, but instead contract with the Galician healthcare system through Public Procurement of Innovation.
This workshop is aimed at highly innovative enterprises (SMEs are very well received) in the field of biotechnology. Speakers will discuss the exchange of information to match drug companies with patients around personalized needs and demands.
CÓDIGO100 is a patient-centered care innovation plan with which ACIS collects and optimizes the experience and best practices acquired through InnovaSaúde and H2050.
The actions contemplated in this plan, among which continues the innovative public procurement strategy, will have as central axis the early response to demographic change and the promotion of a new health system prepared to lead active and healthy aging.
Given the estimations that says the Galician population 65 years old or over by 2020 will reach 24.5% of the total, CÓDIGO100 is designed to anticipate the future by transforming and implementing a new health model that can successfully manage the challenge of this demographic transition.
Far from seeking specific impacts through isolated projects, the great value of the plan lies in promoting an innovation model centered on a common challenge capable of integrating all members of the system, from health professionals to patients.
The priority action lines of code 100 are:



About ACIS (Health Knowledge Agency)



The Health Knowledge Agency (ACIS) is a public Galician agency that was created to become the chief element of the health knowledge and innovation ecosystem in Galicia. A new vision to face knowledge challenges. The most valuable tool for health professionals to care for health is knowledge. Experience, training, research, innovation and new technologies guarantee the constant improvement of the health practice, and it is necessary to comprehensively manage them all to obtain maximum value as far as patients are concerned

On the one hand, assimilating and applying new techniques, therapies and treatments are essential practices to offer top quality healthcare. On the other hand, making process in knowledge that enables these new tools is becoming increasingly quicker. So it is fundamental to have the resources needed to manage such progress autonomously, swiftly and efficiently based on the results, and with a vision that can combine immediate requirements with mid- to long-term planning.

Our mission. ACIS is the Galician Public Health System instrument used to optimally disseminate knowledge since the time it emerges until it is transferred to society. To achieve this, it includes the following in the same value chain:

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